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Schools and Teachers

Mt Evelyn Schools, Records about Teachers and Map showing location of our schools.

Mt Evelyn Primary School No
33 Monbulk Road
 ‘Mount Evelyn Primary School No. 3642   1910-2010 Centenary Edition’ 
Available for purchase from the 
School Office.

Memorial Pre School
24 Birmingham Rd
Email address: unknown
Website address: unknown
"A History of Mt Evelyn Pre-School 1945-1995"

Mt Evelyn Christian School
13 Hawkins Rd
21st Anniversary history book
History outline on website

Morrison House 
20 Old Hereford Road 
Contact via reply space on website
"History of Morrison House" available from

Mt Evelyn History Group

Fernhill Pre School
9 Fernhill Road
Email address: unknown
Website address: unknown
Recorded history: Unknown

Birmingham Primary School
43-49 Francis Crescent
Recorded history: Unknown

Pembroke Secondary School
(Previously Yarra Hills Secondary College, initially Mt Evelyn Technical School)
Old Hereford Road 
"Birth of a School" Winter 1992 Tirra Lirra magazine

St Mary's Catholic Primary School
58 Clegg Road, Mt. Evelyn VIC 3796
Recorded history: Unknown

Joy Avenue Pre School
1 Joy Avenue
Email address: unknown
Website address: unknown
Recorded history: Unknown

Mt Evelyn Special Development  School
Old Hereford Road
Its early history can be found in  "The History of the Melba Centre, 1971-1997" by Paula Jones & Nan Stevenson 1998. 

Morrison House

Old Hereford Road
"Morrison House Changed a Community"
( $25) available from Mt Evelyn History

Group. Inc
Newspaper report 15 Dec 2013

Still can’t find information about your family?
It maybe that your ancestors lived in Mt Evelyn / Olinda Vale but went to school in neighbouring towns.

Silvan Primary School No 1801 

(first known as South Wandin)

269 Main Road Silvan VIC 3795

Montrose Primary School No 2259
Leith Road, Montrose, Victoria 3765.

1865 Lilydale Primary School No 876
Try contacting the Lilydale & District Historical Society who have a copy of the original of the Lilydale Primary School Student Roll from the years 1905 -1964 at their rooms at the Old Courthouse in Lilydale, 

This could be the answer given for the following situations where your family members:-
1.  Boarded in Lilydale during the week, perhaps with relatives but came from Mt Evelyn or
     Olinda Vale.
2.  Lived nearer to Lilydale school than Mt Evelyn's school before Birmingham
     Rd School opened in 1978. 
3.  Began school in Lilydale and then later moved to Mt Evelyn or vice versa.

Teachers records are kept at the Public Records Office in North Melbourne.District Inspectors wrote reports on their teachers.
These contain comments on the professional life of a teacher: date of birth, training,  promotion, schools where employed, strengths and weaknesses, and it can be seen how a teacher developed and improved in his/her role.
These documents are NOT available online but the teacher's record number can be found via the PROV website. You can use this number to search the Inspectors' Books at the PROV.

Location of Mt Evelyn Schools

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