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Mt Evelyn History Group has documented some facets of Mt Evelyn's History


A History of Mt Evelyn
Second Edition
Janice Newton
Paula Herlihy
Karen Leadbeater Phillips
Begin here to understand the context of the lives of those who lived in Mt Evelyn.

Follow the chronological story of the Wurundjerie people until contacts with the Mount Evelyn area and the life of William Barak of Coranderrk Station. There is insight to be gained from reading this book.

Our Publications
Aborigines in the Yarra Valley and Northern Dandenongs
Flower Farming in Mt Evelyn & District
From Holiday to Home WWII & 1950s
Gwen Hardy: a Tribute
History of the Melba Centre 1971-1997
History of the Mt Evelyn Fire Brigade
History of the Supermarket Site
How Mt Evelyn was Named
Morrison House Changed a Community
Researching Your House in Mt Evelyn
Street Names of Mt Evelyn
The First Selectors of Mt Evelyn
The Happy Hermits & Diary of a Trip to Evelyn
The History of Guiding in Mt Evelyn
The Hut on the Grounds of Mt Evelyn Christian School
The Mt Evelyn Aqueduct
The Mt Evelyn Tennis Club
The Water Race
Tourists, the Dam & Depression 1920s & 1930s
Tracks to Trails: A History of Mt Evelyn (2nd Ed.)

   Colouring Mt Evelyn (30 pages pdf 4.3mb)
    Download our colouring book based on the Timeline Fence along the Warburton Trail in
    Mt Evelyn. Click here to download.

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