Tuesday, 25 September 2012

About this Blog

Where can you get more information about your Mt Evelyn ancestors?

This History Tools Blog is designed to answer that question.
Faded text indicates the topics that are yet to be listed.
Category 1 items are hotlinked ready for reading.

1. The Lives of People
   (Evidence that they lived)
2. Community Groups
   (How they related to each other)
   Churches   CWA  
   Sporting Clubs    Senior Citizens 
   Mechanic’s Institute
   Progress Association
   Public Hall Committee
   Schools and Teachers     
3. Properties
   (Where they  lived) 
   Maps – Old & New
   Guest Houses   
   Early Owners  
4. Directories
   (How they were known by outsiders)
   Telephone Book
   Post Office Directories
   Shire Rate Books
   Municipal Directories

5. Employment / Service
   (How they were employed)
   Law & Local Government
   Railway Employees
   Storekeepers & Businesses
6. Events- Group Memory
   (What happened to them)
   Events in Mt Evelyn
   Our Publications
   Media Accounts

Information about sources is welcome.
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