Tuesday, 17 September 2013

On-line Published Family Trees

Has someone else has already researched your family tree?

Here are four free ways to discover this.
In most cases you need to register and sign in each time you use the service

1. Internet Search Engine. Type in the name of your ancestor into an internet search
    engine. (No doubt you have already done that, eh?)

2. Family Tree Circles http://www.familytreecircles.com/
    a) You can enter your family name in the search box at the top of the page then |
        register yourself as a family researcher. This step should lead you to other people
        who are also searching your family tree.

    b) Begin an online journal and upload some key family data to this website in the
        hope that other family members will find it.

Subscription Based Genealogy websites each offer 14 days free service to search for your family history.
3. Ancestry.com http://home.ancestry.com.au/ 
[Check out your local library as it may offer free access to Ancestry.com ]
4. Find My Past:  http://www.findmypast.com.au/
The Australian version of FIND MY PAST can be accessed for free at the Lilydale Library or Montrose Library.  Unfortunately it cannot be accessed from the library at the Mt Evelyn Station House.
Hours for the Montrose and Lilydale libraries can be found at the following link.

Know any other internet sites that help you find your family's history?