Sunday, 23 September 2012

Family Histories Published On-Line

Has someone else has already researched your family tree?

Here are five free ways to discover this.
In most cases you need to register and sign in each time you use the service

1. Internet Search Engine. Type in the name of your ancestor into an internet search
    engine. (No doubt you have already done that, eh?)

2. Use the Mundia website  which is linked to
    a) Basically it shows you the research others have done and uploaded
        to the Public Members Tree section of the site.

    b) Does not give you access to historical records provided by
    c) It can help you find relatives who are searching your family tree as their contact
        email addresses are supplied.

3. Family Tree Circles
    a) You can enter your family name in the search box at the top of the page then
        register yourself as a family researcher. This step should lead you to other people
        who are also searching your family tree.

    b) Begin an online journal and upload some key family data to this website in the
        hope that other family members will find it.

Subscription Based Genealogy websites each offer 14 days free service to search for your family history.


5. Find My Past:

[Check out your local library as it may offer free access to and Find My Past.]

5. How to check website for Public Member Trees
Seven hundred entries in acknowledge connections to people who died in Mt Evelyn.
You can search for these under Public Member trees 
On the Home page Menu under  Search – select Public Member Trees

This opens up the Public Member Trees Search page.
Next write " Mt
 EvelynVictoriaAustralia" for Death Location and press Search
Other variations of the same idea.
1. Marriage: Location  "Mt EvelynVictoriaAustralia"
2. Name:  Any name of your ancestor that you can recall, first or family name
   Marriage: Location  “Mt Evelyn, Victoria, Australia"
   Death: Location  “Mt Evelyn, Victoria, Australia"

The email address of authors of Private Member Trees can be found by clicking on the family name given with the link.
   Hint:   Consider checking the accuracy and context of information found on cyber genealogy sites. Compare the data against maps and newspaper articles.  Scanning equipment used by these groups may reproduce the digit 5 as digit 3 or 8. Place names such as Camberwell may be 'read' as Cambrian Hill. On-line verification for $1 can be obtained from the Registry Office.

 Mt Evelyn Family Histories
Wayne Knoll's website
Wayne writes “For a History of the early 'SILVAN' Pioneers at WANDIN SOUTH, Families, who settled in the southern reaches of the Parish of Wandin Yalloak, south-eastern areas of the Parish of Mooroolbark, to the northern areas of the Parish of Monbulk showing some obvious overlap of the surrounding regions of Wandin, Seville, Yellingbo, Macclesfield, Emerald diggings, Monbulk, Olinda, Mt Dandenong, Kalorama, Mount Evelyn and Lilydale”

Mt Evelyn History Group webpage -