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Cemeteries and Deceased Records

Mt Evelyn families mostly chose the following cemeteries to bury their dead.

Upon request, more information about deceased people is sometime offered by a cemetery archivist. This may include details such as birth date, religion, age at death. 

Lilydale Memorial Park (Cemetery)

Healsville Cemetery

Yarra Glen

Lilydale Lawn Cemetery
Springvale, and other Melbourne Cemeteries –Deceased Search

For other cemeteries in Victoria

Lilydale Historical Society has the following information. There is a low cost research service.
- Copy of the Lilydale Cemetery Register.
- Photographs of Lilydale cemetery headstones from the 1860s to 1931
- Lilydale cemetery headstones on microfiche from 1864 to 1993

Publications by Lilydale Historical Society
Throughout its history, this society has endeavoured to produce publications about historical events and places to foster and interest in their history and also generate income for continued research and new publications.
Below is the list and year of publications presently available.
If you wish to order any of their publications, you can do this via their website
   A Tour of the Lilydale Cemetery 1861 - 1994, 
   No Tombstones Unmarked Graves at Lilydale Cemetery,
   What's behind the name

More sources of information about deceased persons:-
The Greater Metropolitan Cemeteries Trust - Deceased Search
Military Records
Newspapers : Local or State. Death and funeral notices, obituaries, special tributes, accounts of accidents and coroner's reports.
- Coroner's Inquests 1840-1985:   Public Records Office of Victoria.
The following is a link to an information guide on this topic

PROV - Guide to Coroner's Inquests
- Department of Justice (Registry of Births, Deaths, Marriages)
- Department of Justice - Registry of Office for BDM   Historical Index Search

Mt Evelyn History Group webpage -